New Zealand


  • Our People

    “Kiwis,” as the locals are called, are some of the most welcoming and friendly people in the world. On top of this, they have a great sense of humour!

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  • Our Culture

    Maori, our indigenous people of New Zealand, are the tangata whenua, which means “people of the land” and are an integral part of your New Zealand experience. Once here, you will be presented with many opportunities to experience the New Zealand Maori culture first-hand. New Zealand is a melting pot of ethnic diversity which is reflected throughout the country.

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  • Our Accessibility

    Getting to New Zealand is easier than ever with major airlines introducing daily direct flights to New Zealand.

    The opportunity to tick our destination off your bucket list is a reality!

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  • Our Incredible Scenery

    Made up of two main islands and a host of smaller ones, New Zealand has an amazing range of breath-taking scenery. New Zealand is full of hidden gems from subtropical forests, beaches and offshore islands in the north to glaciers, lakes, snow-covered mountains and large flat plains in the south. There are also fjords, volcanoes, hot springs and beautiful rolling green pastures — a diversity like no other place on earth.

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  • Our Climate

    New Zealand has a temperate climate. It’s warmest in the north, coldest in the south. Average daytime temperatures range from 12 to 25ºC (54 to 76ºF). The warm summers are ideal for spending time at one of the country’s many great beaches. The winters are cold enough to provide snow for skiers and snowboarders. Spring and Autumn are beautiful seasons, but you could encounter a few showers so bring a jacket and enjoy the lush, green landscape.

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  • Our Safe Haven

    New Zealand is generally a very safe place to travel. It isn’t home to any nasty plants, creatures or critters.

    Come and join us in New Zealand!

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  • Our Unique Wildlife

    New Zealand split from the large land mass that once joined Australia and Antarctica. As a result, bird and plant species can be found here that exist nowhere else in the world. Forests are full of an abundance of interesting plant life, from the towering ancient kauri trees to fronds of nikau palms. You might even see a kiwi – not a local, but the small, flightless bird that has become New Zealand’s national symbol.

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  • Our Exchange Rate

    It doesn’t matter where you are from, the exchange rate will always be in your favour. This is the perfect opportunity to come to New Zealand.

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  • Our Golf

    New Zealand has more than 400 golf courses. A selection of these have been hand-picked by industry experts and categorised into Marquee Courses and Experience Courses. Accessibility really sets New Zealand apart from other countries, with a new golf course to try around every corner. Travel from alpine areas to idyllic beachside locations within a few hours. It’s no wonder that golf is the sport with the highest participation from New Zealanders, for both men and women. Pack your clubs and fly to this golfers paradise!

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  • Our Unspoiled Land

    With a land area the size of Great Britain, yet with only 4.5 million inhabitants, you don’t have to go far to find complete solitude in New Zealand. Most of the population is concentrated in five main cities, Auckland being the largest — a third of the country’s people live here. This leaves plenty of open space to explore in between.

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  • Our Acclaimed Wine

    New Zealand’s wine regions extend 1,600km (1000 miles) from sub-tropical Northland (36° S) down to Central Otago (46° S), home to the world’s most southerly vineyards. Our mild climate has resulted in developing internationally acclaimed wines. You will enjoy exploring our incredible wine regions, sub regions and our fantastic producers.

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  • Our Cuisine

    New Zealand offers a unique and memorable gastronomy experience. Nearly every dish will be prepared by locally sourced and grown ingredients.  New Zealand’s cuisine has been described as Pacific Rim, drawing inspiration from Europe, Asia and Polynesia. This blend of influences has created a mouth-watering range of flavours and food in cafes and restaurants nationwide.

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